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Simple Wiper Relay fix

Hi Guys, Thought Id share a quick repair I did today on my 2000 328Ci. Its been raining heavily and my wipers have been working overtime when I discovered this issue.

Symptoms : Wipers just stop working for no apparent reason, then suddenly start working for no reason! When it does work, the blades move normally without hesitation.

Well after ruling out all the other causes, mine turned out to be a faulty Wiper Relay. Part#61368384505.

Since my closest dealer didnt have stock of the relay, and I had to shell out $47CAD for it anyways. I decided to try repairing the relay. I dont expect every relay to be repairable, but this simple fix should fix most. I know this is not a big $ repair, but I like fixing stuff.

Disclaimer!!! I dont take responsibility if you screw up your car, yourself or anyone around you as a result of this diy. This is purely for information about something I did to my car. If you are unsure about anything, take your car to a professional.

Always a good idea to disconnect your Negative terminal on your battery before stuff like this.

First locate the ECU/Relay box in the engine bay on the Driver Side, loosen the 4 screws, remove the cover

The Wiper relay is light Brown or Tan colored cube

Once you get the relay out, there are two tabs on the bottom that you can pry the relay out of its casing.

Now you got the relay out of its casing, you can examine its contents.

The main area of interest (and main failure spot) is the bottom relay closest to the pins. This relay is what turns on/off the wipers. Especially on older vehicles, and wet climates where wipers are used often, Oxidation builds up between the contact due to the constant spark between these points. It builds up so much that it blocks the signal and your wipers dont work. All I did was clean the contacts with a bit of sandpaper to remove the oxidation.

Get some sandpaper in there to brush the oxidation off the contacts

Voila! pop the cover back on the relay, reinstall, and your intermittent wiper problem should be solved. Mine work as good as new, and its been raining heavily!

e46 328Ci 9psi SC

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