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Originally Posted by Penguin Koolaid View Post
You're limiting your scope to purely physical attributes. You've neglected to highlight the importance of cognitive evolution, and how it plays an integral part in the success of a given species survival.

A group of species that are able to collectively work as a team while employing superior strategic tactics are as effective if not more effective than a group of species that are unable to collectively work as a team despite having superior individual talents.

And in my example, you can see that there are general fundamental differences in evolution with regards to cognitive ability (i.e., your exclusion of relevant variables in establishing superiotiy in a given sport).
He's (and mine) point wasn't to establish superiority of a race. That was a straw man trap set up by NOVAbimmer, and embraced by the likes of rdsesq and hayabusa either because they ran out of content and arguments so they just want to shift focus to something ridiculous, or they seriously are that dense in their reading comprehension.

The point under discussion is: are certain physical attributes inheritable (passed down genetically) or are we all genetically identical at birth (as hinted by rdsesq, since he never had the balls to say it out) and any physical superiority is the result of hard work and practice, practice and practice?
And before rdsesq spin this into something ridiculous, no, that doesn't mean that if Arnold had a son, he would be born with super muscle definition, but it does mean that his son has a higher potential to develop those muscles with a lot of hard word, higher than an average Asian kid could with the same hard work (how do you explain the lack of Asians in Mr. Olympia competitions ).

Your point above is valid though, since they illustrate why one group (say, whites) can, collectively, so successfully dominate another group (say blacks) that has clearly superior physical attributes.
But including those aspects in the discussion only muddies the waters.
Isolating only what matters shows clearly the point that certain physical attributes are inheritable.

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