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My Ride: BMW e46 320d 04 Mt2
So here is what i have done today.. i always forget to take pictures.. but here are some. DON'T start on this project unless you have a lot of patience and a feew weeks off work Sorry the bad pictures.. some from the crappy iphone camera. New pictures will come when i'm finished

First i soldered 3mm led in the roof. looks like this.

And then som soldering on the light switch for the headlights. THIS was a project...
SMD leds..

And the push buttons for the fog lights had to be unsoldered. because the LED is in the button.

here is the button unsoldered from the mainboard.

To get out the LED here i had to drill away the old soldering.. i dont think this is usual solder tin.. Nott possible to unsolder. Here is it drilled

new LED soldered ..

And here the finished product

The ashtray in the back of the console

and here the window switches and lock switch with new light

so far so good. this took me about 6 hours. i was wondering to start with the cd player now. but my head says NO

some old LED's

325i Cab 91 e30 *sold*
316i 95 e36 *stolen*
320D 04 E46 M-Tech *New*

Why choose a BMW ? Because you deserve it =)

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