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Originally Posted by Studdly_Studright View Post
The new wheels look really good. I like where this is going
Originally Posted by mikeyb74 View Post
I love the new wheels...
Thanks guys, the encouragement helps keep me going.

Originally Posted by simsima325 View Post
nice work

search for red tinted tail lights, some people have applied a spray tint that makes the amber appear nearly OEM color red. cheap way to lose the amber.
Thanks! After some searching like you said, I found a couple DIY's to get ideas. I think I may try to tint the lights myself. The tail lamps I want are about $210 shipped so it is definitely worth a try.

Originally Posted by Snail_Power View Post
Diggin this thread. How long did the tranny fluid change take you?
Thanks, from start to finish it took me about 2 hours total to do the rear diff fluid and the trans fluid & filter. I am a mechanic and this would normally take about 30 minutes but at home in my garage I do not have a vehicle lift or a parts washer.

Doing these types of things at home adds a considerable amount of time due to crawling around on the floor and jacking each corner of the car to put jack stands under it. Then more crawling around to do the actual work. Having a parts washer also makes cleaning parts much faster too, I just used brake parts cleaner and a bunch of red rags.

Plus I stopped a couple times to help my neighbor with changing the front brake pads on his wife's Toyota Sienna.

Originally Posted by 330i ZHP View Post
tourings ftw
Yes... At work in the wholesale pen, here is a nice clean 2005 330i sedan with 38k miles for $11k. Its grey outside & black inside & has M68 wheels, sport package, zenon headlights, power leatherette sport seats, MtechI package.

I thought seriously about trading my touring for it. But I can't part with my touring, I love it too much. It offers so much utility and I've grown so attached to it.

The other option was to buy the sedan, and swap all of its good stuff onto my touring (power sport seats, sport steering wheel, MtechI front etc..maybe even the engine?) then respray it to match and sell the 330i. But thats just too much work and hassle.

Originally Posted by SalM View Post
Looks sweet! and I used to collect matchbox's and hotwheels when I was younger! Still wish I did!
Hey its never too late to start collecting. They are only $1 each. I just go to the toy isle everytime I go to Walmart or Target or if I go to ToysRUs with the kids. I only collect the ones that are real production cars, no space ship or alien looking ones. (except I do have a Batmobile one, but hey Batman is cool right?)
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