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Epic Dynavin iPod Touch setup

Ok for all of you guys using an iPod touch with your Dynavin units I have put together a list of apps and settings you can use to have the ultimate in-car setup. This setup will allow you to view your iPod screen on your Dynavin unit in AUX mode. Allows pause/resume music when ignition is turned off/on. Also to use simple/safe flick gestures to skip tracks, pause, and play songs. After a few weeks of playing around with it everything seems to work well; below is what you will need:

*Pac IS76 Isimple Universal iPod Audio Video Cable

You can pick one of these up on Jeff's site (cable must have +/- for charging)
Splice the RED/BLK charging leads to the RED/BLK wires in the Dynavin harness

*Jail-broken iPod touch
This is a must and allows you install Cydia apps and tweaks to make this whole setup work

*Big Boss App (TVOut2 Mirror TVOut)
Mirrors your iPod screen on Dynavin screen while in AUX mode
This allows album/track name and cover art to be shown

*BigBoss Tweak (NoLockScreen)
First things first this tweak will disable that annoying "slide to unlock" screen

*Apple AppStore App (FlickTunes v1.7.8)
This will allow simple gesture-based controls with a clean interface to create the safest and most effective way to control your music while driving
Swipe right (Next Track)
Swipe left (Prev. Track)
Swipe down (Pause/Play)
Swipe right with two fingers (Play More by Album)
Swipe left with two fingers (Play More by Artist)

View Layout (Landscape No Toolbar)

When Launching (Auto-Play) *Will play songs when FT is launched *ignition is turned on
When Quitting (Auto-Pause) *Will pause song when FT is closed *ignition is turned off

*HackStor (Plugged In 1.3 Cracked)
Now to tackle the track Pause/Resume issue...
Once this tweak is installed goto settings turn "Launch App" ON App to Launch "FlickTunes"
Set Unplugged Behavior "Close Launched App" ON
This will launch FlickTunes app when IPod is "plugged in" *ignition on
This will quit FlickTunes app when IPod id "unplugged" *ignition off

Once all this is in place it makes for a great experience with your iPod touch and the Dynavin unit... I always keep my iPod plugged in (shuffle mode) on its side (landscape) in the space between the AC controls and the shift knob. FlickTunes has an incredible interface very clean with nice transitions, in my opinion looks better than coverflow. Gestures allow easy track switching while driving and "Plugged In" tweak will ensure tracks are paused when ignition is turned off and resumed when ignition is turned back on.

Hope this helps!

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