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DIY: Matte Black Rims - $12 CHEAP~4 hours*, No Prep, No Fuss, Sex, 100% Reversible ,

So you always wanted matte black rims and regretted you got silver rims. or getting scratches on ur beloved rims...DON'T BE SAD. PROTECT IT!


Parts needed:

masking/painters tape
1 Spray Can of Black Plastidip Paint - can be found at local hardware store. (got mine at ACE)

This is a 100% reversible process. Finish looks great. Its like spray on vinyl for your rims.
resists salt and snow. should last a year or so according to my buddies.

DO's: parking garage, nice 65-80 degrees, VENTILATED area, clean
Don't: windy, raining, outdoors (you dont want random **** to fly into your rim). ur room.


Step 1:
remove valve stem cap

step 2:
mask where the tire and rim meet. also mask the valve stem

step 3:
jack car up. remove tire/wheel. remove middle wheel cap.

step 4:
clean the rim with just water and towel (IMPORTANT). or go with degreaser to remove wheel wax.
Do not sand the rim or anything!!!!!!! This will make it easier to peel if you dont want it anymore. No other prep is needed cuz you want this to be reversible dont cha.

step 5:
spray the rim with a light coat using an ARC motion keep it moving smoothly. dont worry if you miss a bit you'll get it on the next coat. and wait 30 minutes. (you cant really mess up too badly . this stuff is pretty forgiving (compared to paint) if you spray too much. small bumps or imperfection will go away usually (within reason of course).

step 6:
spray rim 2nd coat till it looks wetish looking. wait 30 minutes.

step 7:
spray rim 3rd coat till it look wetish looking. make sure to get all spots near the tape. wait 30minutes

step 8:
remove all painters tape. spray missing spots lightly. wait 40.
dont worry if you accidently spray the tire a bit. it will blend in.... (only reason why you taped it in steps 5-7 was because a little will blend in while a lot will not.

step 9:
caution: if you mount it before 40 minutes. its not fully cured enough to be handled yet.

mount that sh1t

step 10: let it cure overnight or in the sun for a day in a garage environment. just to be safe.

PROS: temporary, no prep, great finish look (matte black)
CONS: temporary, rubbery feel (2 hours after last step), smells bad when you spray. NO NOT INHALE THIS B17CH. maybe i was a pu55y but i almost threw up when i accidentally forgot to hold my breath. DO IN OPEN VENTILATED AREA.

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