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Originally Posted by Bigjake View Post
That's no f150 that's a f250, like a 1k lb difference, when I was at quicklane it was all I worked on, I can pull a cab off one of those in 4hours
I was just giving him trouble

Originally Posted by sly1types View Post
thanks I love my F150

I didn't mean in a derogatory sence...but there are very small differences between a 325I prem sport and a 330I prem sport but an M3 has a lot of different things...

Front fenders
Rear fenders
Front bumper
Rear bumper
front and rear suspension components
front and rear breaks
Nappa Leather

as you can see they are noticeable difference to anyone
Read above, and you forgot rims, spoiler, quad exhaust, interior trim and SMG trans.

My friends all thought I had an M3 for like the first year I had it... it was only in chemistry class one day did a couple of them figure it out. Most people will not notice larger brake size, fender size, or the presence of an LSD without some assistance.

And there are differences between a 323Ci and a 330Ci (especially ZHP), such as:

Front bumper
Rear bumper
front and rear suspension components
front and rear brakes
LED/HID adaptive lights
Engine (m52 vs cammed M54)
Sports seats
5 speed / 6 speed
trans/diff ratios

To us (enthusiasts) its a very quick thing to pick out, but to most people a nice black bmw is just a nice black bmw.

I have picked out a M3 from over 2 blocks away before, and Im not even kidding. (it was black, the fenders gave it away) It was only once we had caught up with it were we able to confirm it was an ///M lol

De gustibus non est disputandum.

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