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Originally Posted by TomThomas View Post
I drive the hell out of my cars - buy them at 100K, and sell them at 400K plus - I've never had CV issues act like this. I'm still thinking it has something to do with the transfer case not being a true open diff. Are there xi owners out there that can verify thier car DON'T skip or shudder in reverse and full lock?

Mine does not. I use full lock in reverse every day to get out of my garage at home. The transfer case should not be an issue. The CV joint failure is a known and documented issue. If you check them and find them to be in good condition then we can talk about other reasons but as of right now, that's where I am pointing the finger. The CV joints are what allow your wheels to turn at any given angle. If they are bad, they will bind. The TC rarely if ever goes bad. If it's not your CV joints then I would look to the front diff before you point at the TC.

Just to add a little more info regarding the TC:
Originally Posted by Mark M View Post are the simple observations from the test of the NV124 case on my workbench.

- Spinning input shaft by hand.....both output shafts rotate
- Spinning input shaft by hand and holding rear output shaft stationary.....front output shaft rotates.
- Spinning input shaft by hand and holding front output shaft stationary.....rear output shaft rotates.

Caveat....these tests were done with spinning by hand, which does not simulate rear world forces transmitted into the driveline.

Thus, my conclusion, you can NEVER make an XI into a rear wheel drive by simply disconnecting front driveshaft. It will just send all the power to the front output shaft and spin endlessly without putting power to the rear.
This shows you that the TC is not a "locked" center differential, it is actually open. If you have CV joints that last 100k you are either the luckiet person in the world or someone didn't tell you they replaced them.

Quattro and/or 4motion are different AWD systems and is comparing apples to oranges.

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