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Originally Posted by colo330xi View Post
Stupid question, but are the rims stock? There's always talk of offset/staggered rim setups causing issues on Xi models.

I think the previous posters talking about CV failure are talking about torn boot, grease spilled out type failures. Axles with grease in them tend to stay happy.

The only other idea i can throw out is that the transfer case, diffs and transmission are all listed by BMW as a lifetime fill fluid. I changed all of these finding the fluid in varying condition. The transfer case was by far the worst.

My thought is really broken down fluid in the t-case could cause some drag, and the hopping/scrubbing. I may be completely wrong here, but the t-case fluid NEEDS to be changed at some point.
It does but the transfer case is a geared case. If you have hopping between gears or gear teeth, you have far more issues than a fluid change will fix...

Originally Posted by feddomw View Post
Just checked. No clicking, just like Tom.

I will explain as best I can, and I think I discovered something

I am more and more convinced that this problem (in my case) is connected to the "shudder" I feel sometimes as described before.

I can reproduce it easily: right at the point the clutch engages, I can feel the driveline has a shudder. Obviously I can only feel this from a standstill start. Going very slowly, just letting the clutch engage without using the acceleration pedal, steering wheel straight, shudder until rolling and clutch fully engaged.

It's obviously something which has "play" that is causing the shudder and is only felt under load, i.e. a standstill start as the car has to overcome inertia.

I think this is the same when driving backwards and is aggravated with the steering wheel turned, as the inertia which has to be overcome is much greater with the wheels turned. I don't think I noticed it before because generally you dive straight forward, and turning backwards if you get what I mean. I never if ever drive forward with the steering wheel turned.

The shudder is less pronounced when driving backwards straight, but maybe because the reverse gear is a much lighter gear than first gear, thus easier to overcome inertia?

Transmission guys have not called me back yet, which is disappointing. I will have to call them and drive by again, but it's not exactly around the corner....
All manual transmission cars will "shudder" to some extent when you do that. If yours has excessive shudder, I doubt it will be an axle issue but it might be a clutch issue. If it's an axle issue, you will be able to feel the shudder in the steering wheel. If you feel it throughout the car, then it's likely something else. If it was an axle or other drivetrain issue, you'd notice it at all lower speeds right? How many miles?

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