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Originally Posted by TomThomas View Post
So, it sounds like the CV's are an issue in these vehicles. I questioned this at first - I've never had a CV go out/bad on any of my previous cars (Audis - 7x) unless the boot was torn and dirt had gotten in there. I'm talking 400K (very hard, but very well maintained) miles in almost every vehicle without a CV ever going bad.

My CV's pass the classic test - full lock turn without clicking - are people saying they can still be bad and still pass this test? I am also assuming that we are talking about the front outside CVs? - they are the only ones that really get stressed in normal operation. Can I lift the car up and check for looseness in the CVs (twisting them), or binding in neutral?

If it is bad CV's causing this issue, I'm assuming the tracks in the CV joint are worn in a way that stressed forward they operated normally, but in reverse the wear and tear is evident (more loose?)

I appreciate all the input, and as a BMW newbie (but well-versed in Audi / Audi quattro), I know to rely on the forums. It's just at this point, I haven't lurked long enough to know who really knows what the issue is, and who is full of sh*t. No offense intended (seriously).

So, should I rebuild the outside front CVs, or are all CV joints in these model cars a weak spot? Should I rebuild the entire half-shafts? I really appreciate the help.
Torn boots are not the only issue that can cause CV failure. You can also have failure if the boot clamp comes loose and lets all the grease out of the boot, also common. What you can do is to try and clean and repack the joint with new grease and see if that helps. I don't think the CV joints can be rebuilt easily on these cars, you're better off swapping the whole axle assembly out.

Both inner and outer CV joints are a weak spot on these cars. Front only though. And yes, rebuild/replace the whole half shaft.

This might be a long shot, but have you checked your brakes for any binding there? It might be a shot in the dark but worth a quick look.
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