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I would much rather raise a dead thread then start a new one for a similar issue.

I notice while driving that I have a sound that I have yet to find a proper word to describe it. However, it is coming from the front left driver side area. I noticed in the video above that the sound w/ the control arm issue is very distinct in loud, as well as being able to raise the smptoms while braking. I only notice my issues when driving on the highway. the sound is kinds muffled and almost simliar to the buffering sound a dryer may make in the spin cycle, yet the temp of it increased with the speed of the vehicle. It is NOT altered whatsoever by me braking, etc. It stays the same regardless. It's almost completely gone when I am doing city driving. I can SLIGHTLY feel it in the steering wheel, but nothing major.

I mentioned it to the dealership when I went to get my oil changed and they said it would be my lower control arms. But, everything I have read in ref. to control arms does not seem to apply to my symptoms. They also stated they felt it in the steering wheel while test driving it and I believe that is false because I feel nothing different or out of the ordinary when braking.

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