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Originally Posted by simonhla View Post
I did almost exactly the same thing nearly a year ago using exactly the same parts. More or less. I went with the meyle HD control arms because I liked the idea of the removable and replaceable ball joints. Other than that, all the same.

I saw on your spreadsheet you had a query over the RE Rsm's being compatible with the FSD's. Well they are. I am running that set up. I also went with an M3 front sway bar and a vert rear sway bar. Both used. Saved me a ton on a sway bar kit. Both are beefier than stock and fit no problems. Although I did have to double nut the m3 sway brackets and use some loctite.

As for mushrooming. I also had the same issue. I used the BMW rough road reinforcement plates that come with the xi. Super cheap and it's nice to stay oem where you can. I then also put the strut bar on top as well to create a sandwich effect which should prevent reoccurence. One thing to consider is that if your shock towers are mushroomed and the bolts are no longer parallel to each other, your front shock mounts are warped too. I beat my towers back to flatness with a rubber mallet and a block of wood. The new mounts fit right in perfectly. Huge difference.

Great and useful list by the way. The FSD's are awesome shocks, great handling with minimal sacrifice in comfort.
Originally Posted by simonhla View Post
Oh, something I forgot. Is to check your springs. Specifically the rear ones for wear. Sometimes the ends of the rear springs snap off. If the coating has worn off and the springs are rusty in any area, then I would replace them. It's really easy to find used ones on this forum somewhere for dirt cheap. I got mine with only 20k miles on them and for about $100.
No idea how I missed your two posts before, just read it now.

I know the FSDs will work with the RE RSM, but RE has the option of 10mm to 12mm mounts.

Problem is, I am not sure what the outer diameter of the shocks are.

Does the vert sway fit on a sedan?

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