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Originally Posted by chyuh View Post
No idea how I missed your two posts before, just read it now.

I know the FSDs will work with the RE RSM, but RE has the option of 10mm to 12mm mounts.

Problem is, I am not sure what the outer diameter of the shocks are.

Does the vert sway fit on a sedan?
Oh sorry. Didn't catch that part as I was checking on my phone. Let me find my old order form and I will tell you which size RSM's I ordered.

As far as the vert rear sway on a sedan, I don't know. You can probably search through the forum and find out though.

I'll get back to you.

EDIT: Ok, so Rogue Eng. give the option of ordering a 12mm adapter plate for certain suspensions (mainly coilovers I think). I did not need this plate for the FSD's. So can confirm that they are 10mm shocks. Same as Koni Sports.

A note on the sways:

I believe that Sport package non-m e46 had 23.5/24mm front sways and 18mm rear sways. The M3 front sway is 26mm and the convertible rear sway is 20mm. So a 2mm increase at both ends. Your ZHP I believe has 23.5 & 18 as standard. The set you are looking at on Turner are 27/21. So a little beefier. However given that they are for all e46 applications it makes me think rear sways are universal (except M3), so an educated guess would say that you can put the rear vert sway in a sedan.

Also on Turner here is the m3 front sway for only $50.
The rear 20mm sway can be bought new from bmwmercedes for $107. Finding a used one is tough in my experience.
Confirm these will both fit the sedan because I am not to be trusted! If they do work, you have a decent upgrade for around $200+ cheaper than aftermarket options.

One last thing I noticed is that you are getting meyle tierods. I would stick with OEM for these if I were you (Lemforder). Just my $0.02

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