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Originally Posted by chyuh View Post
Awesome, thanks!

I think I read on bimmerforum that you used the oem bushings for the m3 sway, the stock end links from your e46, and a new set of brackets which actually turned out to be the same? you haven't ran into anymore issues have you?
No. I haven't. I don't know why i had the issues I did. One of my front brackets literally tore off. The tech never saw anything like it. We ordered new brackets for the M3 but it was the same part number. When they arrived we double nutted them for added security and added loctite to the 2nd nut. Previously they had worked themselves loose. I don't know if it was equipment or installation error. Either way they have been fine since. It's been approx 10K of hard driving.

Check my previous post above. I have edited it and added more info re: the sways.
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