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Originally Posted by chyuh View Post
I've read from multiple posters that the front M3 swaybar fits non-m cars.

I am about to buy some front end links from pelican parts, found a 10 dollar off 50 code in my email! Score!. I just need to buy 7 dollars more of stuff to reach 50 or 32 more to get free shipping too.

my original spread sheet is such a mess now

Lol. I imagine that it is but given the various new parts sources people have offered up and the adjustments to some of your choices, I think you'll end up making a very decent savings over your original estimates. I went through almost exactly the same process as you, with spreadsheets etc, so it's kinda cool to see someone else making virtually all the same choices. Your ride is going to be amazing when it's all done. I'm currently compiling a list of all the changes, pre-emptive maintenance and mods I have done to my car but for the moment I've stopped because it just looks scary and reminds me of how much dough I have dropped. Not a good thing to be reminded of when I am about to do another major bout of pre-emptive maintance come the spring time.

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