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OK you guys. This was not a case of just lining things up and sliding the axle in until the circlip engaged. I went through 3 cycles of partially installing and then removing the new axle before I got it to seat. It seems that the main resistance was the outboard bearing in the extension of the differential on the passenger's side. There is no way that you (I) can (could) easily push the axle in and have it just click into place, and I don't consider myself a weakling. The outboard bearing fits VERY snugly onto the axle shaft. This took quite a bit of "coaxing" to get it to its fullest insertion point. I have done a LOT of DIY work on e30s and e46s, including full rebuilds of the front end, and this one was the most psychologically taxing. I even tried the old axle, and it bound up the same way the new one did. After quite a bit of teeth gnashing and physical encouragement, it has found its way home. Glad to FINALLY be done with this beotch! Thanks to all who posted tips.
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