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Originally Posted by RoadRace330 View Post
How about turner's kit?

Btw: I'm trying to get the same exhaust line /headers from Bimmerworld, and they doubt the can still have it, when did you order your?
I had the secret squirel hook up. Dave (Bimmerworld Chief Mechanic) knew about a complete spare exhaust still NIB from the E46 World Challenge program, and James did me a favor. The Muffler on the back actually came off of one of the World Challenge cars, because they didn't have a spare. (This was in 2007, 2 years after they stopped racing the E46s) I would suggest contacting Kromer Kraft directly for this item.

The TMS kit is what's been recommended to me, and there's also another less expensive option mentioned above by Greg, but it's not as comprehensive as the Motorsport solution.

That cage work in the car almost looks like it was built by "Raven"? Am I close?

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