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Originally Posted by Mark M View Post
Yeah.....Just found a used one from EuroDepot. Having it shipped.

The rebuild of this car is certainly adding up fast.

Got her back from the body shop Tuesday with the following done.
- Frame is now corrected and exact.
- Engine is now moved in correct position (was 1.5 inches rearward)
- Replacement crossmember, steering rack, and control arms / bushings and motor mounts installed.

Then this week in my garage I've done the following so far:
- Replaced driver's airbag
- Replaced driver's seat belt tensioner
- Replaced Battery BST cable
- Installed new radiator, water pump, thermostat, tensioners, belts, and radiator surround brackets.

Yet to do:
- Replace transfer case
- Replace power steering hose
- Alignment with calibration of steering angle sensor (DSC / ABS errors)
- Reset of airbag computer
- Find an affordable decent front bumper in silver

Hoping next week to have it back on the road.


You know I was thinking . . .my TC has what looks like some weird chunk taken out of it on the bottom. I think it looks that way from the factory though.

Do you have a pic of yours?
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