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Originally Posted by theinfamousdrew View Post
Ian....what did you need help with?

If its just the wiring....thats pretty easy...4 wires: brown=ground, purple=power, white/red=kbus(tap into any of them), green/brown=Pin #45 in the GM5 54 pin plug

here are some helpful links:

kbus info

gm5 info

I just wired mine in over the weekend....if you need any help just ask
Thanks for the links.

Couple questions:

Was there an opening in the GM plug for the rain sensor terminal or was something already connected to Pin# 45 and you tapped into the wire?

Also, did you have a terminal or slot available in the K-bus distribution block above the fusebox or did you just tap into one?

Cheat Sheet:

GT1/ISIS/MoDiC = Factory authorized diagnostic system used by BMW dealerships across the world.

NCS Expert = BMW Factory R&D programming tool available on the internet (not intended for the public and not available to the dealership network)

OEM = Genuine BMW part only available from a franchised BMW dealership.

DME = Engine Management Computer
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