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I'm planning to get a Dynavin soon. So I ordered the nav version of the center bezel so that I can relocate my a/c controls.

Since the Dynavin's does not have an adjustable subwoofer output, I decided to use a PAC LC-1 to control my subwoofer level:

I bought a new switch blank panel to mount the LC-1 next to the DSC button. So on with the drilling..

The button rubbed a little on the switch blank so I had to figure out a solution.

I took the button apart and found a washer that fits perfectly into the button to space it out.

Now it sits out a bit so it won't rub the paint off my brand new switch blank.

While I was drilling holes in the switch blank, I decided to mount my K40 radar detector controls and LED's on the other side. More holes to drill!

There isn't enough room behind the bezel for the entire control knob thingy, so I had to disassemble it. Took the box off.

Now it will fit.

Drilled holes for the LED's. The big LED is the power light. It is a bi-color LED that lights up green for highway mode and amber for city mode.

For the smaller LED's, the top one is for front alert and the bottom one is for rear alert.

I had to replace the original red LED's from my previous install because they were glued into the old switch blank. They were glued so good that I couldnt get them out with out breaking them. Here are the new LED's I used. They are SUPER bright compared with the old ones. For the top I used a blue one and the bottom I used a green one.

I used this awesome glue to keep the LED's in place.

LED's in place.

Knobs in place.

Wiring all cleaned up. The little red/black twisted pairs are for the piezo speakers from the K40. Even though they are behind the bezel they are still plenty loud.

All installed and ready to roll. Just needs a Dynavin!

I also swapped out the steering guibo today. The steering wheel had a lot of play. So much so, that I though there may have been a problem with the steering rack. After replacing the guibo, all of the play is gone! Steering is back to how it should be.

I tried to make video of the old guibo. You may have to turn the volume up to hear it. **Click on 720p for better quality**


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