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Originally Posted by bmwaccounts10 View Post
i just bought left and right front drive axles. i removed them saw black style oil all around the wheel wall. Anyway i installed both of them and now the left side I when I give it gas(sometimes) the whole front end will wobble and shake at low rpm's but the shake will go away over 3000rpm. It will shake and wobble but when I let go of the gas pedal, it goes away and then when I give it gas its fine.
i was reading about greasing them which i didn't do.
do i need to grease the drive axles?
if so which parts do I grease.
also what type of grease should i use?
thank you fellow members!!!!!!!please help me
You don't have to grease anything if you installed new axle assemblies.

Did you tighten the axle nuts? Those bastards need to be tight.

Did you make sure the diff fluid level was good? Some can spill out.

Most importantly, did you buy chinese axles? Where did you get them?
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