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My new PSS setup

Ok, really I just have a question but I'll post the details of my setup also:

Question 1: I had an alignment done and the shop said I needed Ground Control camber plates. Does that mean that the insides of my tires will wear now?

Question 2: How can I find out the optimal ride height for this setup? Should I just use the sport suspension specs from the Bentley manual?

Ok, TIA for the answers. Here's my setup:

2003 E46 Sedan
Bilstein B14 PSS coilovers (sport shocks)
Both front and rear adjustable with manual wrench (threaded lock rings)
Stock (I know I need new rims!) 16" rims
93k miles
Drop approx - 1 3/4" front, 1/4" rear

I prefer a smooth ride so this setup is a little harsh for me but I LOVE the way it handles. It feels like it's better than when I bought it.

I would definitely recommend it.

Paid $850 + shipping + tax. I installed it myself.

Ride comfort -8
Handling - 10 (although I've never driven a Lotus so I can't really compare it to anything better).

Overall: installation was a breeze. I used all the DIY's around the net. However, I would have prefered actual instructions from Bilstein. Also, no one ever mentions to set the ride height BEFORE you install it. Because once it's on it's not that easy to adjust. I think I have to take the tension off the springs in order to turn the locking rings. But the car is a guided missile now. I'm in love again!

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