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High mileage and no records hurt. You should budget an extra $1500 for unforeseen items needing immediate attention. If you can't arrange a pro inspection, that will have a service charge, make sure to test drive and inspect the engine. First drive her in tight circles left and right, windows down, at slow speed. This may reveal CV clicking. It shouldn't clunk when slowly dropping (bouncing) the car off low curbs for example. Suspension parts can be spendy if all is worn. The engine should be smooth and quiet at idle. Excessive belt noise or metallic whirring speaks to pulleys, pumps, belts and bearings. There should be no check engine lamp. It should accelerate and brake hard without pulling to one side. Operate the car at freeway speed to ensure it doesn't shake or vibrate.

Price seems in there but remember, they took it in for nothing when you remove 40% profit. Nice to land those private sales where the seller wants out and nearly wholesales it. The car may need a clutch soon where there may be no signs now that it will fail. This may down the car. If your budget doesn't allow a future $1000 hit, perhaps reconsider.
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