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I feel it's a little high, but that's just me. Don't forget that you've got tax on your $8,500 purchase (+ ~$500) and whatever fees the dealer charges. My '01 330xi had 105k, all service records for prior 6 years, and Carfax before that (or dealer records if I took some time to go ask for them), 2 owners, black on black, premium + heated seats, 5 speed manual... for $7,600. But mine was from a private seller too, so that helped.

I'm going to second pretty much everything that White_Knuckles said, which applies to this car or the next one you find: check all the stuff that he said upfront and if you do decide to buy it, stash some extra money for miscellaneous stuff... it will come up.

I have already spent about $500 on plugs, air filters, vanos seals, oil, all fluids changed (transmission, differentials, and transfer case), fixed an air leak, cleaned some valves, new belts & tensioners, replaced a blown speaker, resealed vapor barriers, replaced door lock relays, and sunroof shade repair... but that's doing it all myself. After I repack the CV boots, I should be good to go for a while *knock on wood*. I plan on doing the water pump in the spring as I don't believe it has been done. I also still have a water leak that I haven't pinpointed the source of yet, but I'm working on it.

Taking all that into account... I love my car and would not trade it. The 330xi kicks ass!!

Scope Craigslist and you'll find a private seller with something in good shape. I sold my old car and was without one for a month before I found mine... 300 miles away. This guy just happens to sell all of his cars when they hit 100k, so there wasn't major stuff that needed done and it had been taken care of pretty well. Keep your eyes peeled and you'll be surprised at what you can find!

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