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For an inexpensive battle rifle, I think the Saiga 308 is a really good option. Saigas have a good reputation. I think that owning a main battle rifle is a really good thing to do, because having a heavier cartridge can be advantageous. Police departments in out-state/rural areas often equip certain vehicles with heavier weapons like surplus M14s, M1As, or other semi-auto and bolt rifle with larger calibers like the .308, for the sake of shooting longer distances and punching through barriers. This is especially important if shooting at a vehicle or into a structure like a barn or shed.
I would say look into one, or consider another variant that chambers the 7.62x54R. Both hit hard, and ammunition is plentiful. You can run steel case ammo for both calibers too, which will save you a lot of money. I don't recommend steel case for ARs or M1A/M14s, but for the Saiga/AK series, it's just dandy.

What are you thinking of for a scope? Something like a VX-I 2-7x33 or 3-9x40?
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