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Originally Posted by SPDu4ea View Post
Congrats. I suppose that means S. = Siebels?

Edit: From the "we've done some things to prevent check engine light" I assume that this too is piggybacked/paralleled with the DME. Do you have complete control of throttle, redline, etc?
Yes! Siebels

The stock computer remains in the vehicle to keep the rest of the controllers happy. We are in complete control of the ignition/fuel rev limiting, that isn't to say that the stock ecu can't shut the throttle (we haven't seen this yet, but we haven't pushed our test car past 8200rpm's as of yet). We can take control of the ETC if we choose to, but on the SMG, it gets much more involved very quickly. So for now, we haven't found any reason to remove the stock computers control of the ETC. We are looking at writing strategy to take complet control over the SMG trans. I'm not completely happy with how they do their shift strategy, and I think it can be improved upon. This is a long process to get it right, so I can't give a time frame on it. If you have a 6spd car and have found good reason to take over the Throttle, it definately can be done, we do it on the Nissan's and the corvettes.
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