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The Saiga is the cheapest on the market for a semi-auto battle rifle. Comparable in price would be the CETME, made by Century Arms. It's an HK G3 clone, and retails for around $630, but I've found it for as low as $500 new. The CETME has about 95% parts similarity with the HK91/G3, but a few components are proprietary. For an inexpensive but accurate rifle, it's a great option.

Alternative battle rifles would be the DSA STG-58 FAL carbine:

...or the PTR-91. (click to go to website)

However, both of those are $1200 and up. Both are great guns and pretty accurate. All rifles are fickin' heavy, though. So, in the end, it's up to you on what to get. Frankly, I think the Saiga will have the best reliability for the sub $1k category, which may count for something.
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