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Originally Posted by PEI330Ci View Post
It's pretty comprehensive. I'm seeing stuff in the control menus I haven't seen with Motec for example. It also has a really well written help menu for each screen.

The only question I have right now...because I'm on my can we stack multiple setup screens on multiple displays? For example run the boost control screen on one display, and the nitrous screen on another?
The software is VERY overhead intensive because it is so graphical. So when you open one screen, it closes the other.

It is very comprehensive. On that dyno run, I started to notice the clutch slipping in the log (you can log clutch slip), so I am in process of tracking down a good clutch to put in, and I will add some fuel pump fix that issue as well. Then I can run straight E85 in the car and turn it up!

Anyone got any good clutch recomendations for an SMG at just over 800WHP?

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