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Originally Posted by cnotesdip View Post
how reliable is this set up? any safe guards ??? is it dummy proof???? I mean sure the hpf kits are expensive but its very reliable and its basically dummy proof i haven't heard of any hpf kit owner with a damage engine due to a bad tune...
Here are the failsafes I have on my M3.

Overboost - Drop to base boost, and engage a limiter

Fuel pressure variance - This will detect any fuel system problem, then Drop to base boost, and trigger warning light (which we just need to install).

Injector max duty reached - drop to base boost, and trigger Warning light.

Lean condition under power - drop to base boost, and trigger Warning light.

Low Oil pressure - Drop to base boost, activate limiter, and trigger warning light.

Low Ethanol Content - Limit boost to safe pump fuel level, and trigger warning light.

Overtemp condition - Drop to base boost, and trigger Warning light

Radiator Pressure - If the cooling system exceeds 'x' value drop boost, and trigger a light.

True Knock control - This is frequency and window based (like the stock ecu).

Differential Wheel Speed - Programmed allowed slip against non driven wheel speed. This allows me to launch the car under power, but control the slip for maximum acceleration.

There is more in there, but this gives you a pretty good idea on the safety features.
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