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My Ride: 2004 330i smg
My upper radiator hose split three days after I received my car back from a smg to manual conversion. I had a lightweight flywheel installed so I'm assuming the quick acceleration and 3 month of no use was alittle to much for the hose. I love the low coolant indicator with alarm tone. My needle never moved from center. I replaced the upper hose and all is good.

I decided to refresh the entire cooling system essentials minus sensors which I can do on a later date. Belts and pulleys will be replaced as well.
Not to bore everyone, all the basic cooling parts and belts/pulleys I just purchased. The icing on the cake is the Stewart waterpump, ECS aluminum waterpump pulley, aluminum thermostat housing, and oil filter housing assembly gasket.

EDIT: Update on cooling system overhaul

Before I replaced any part that was cooling system related, I focused my time on replacing the oil filter housing gasket. It's not difficult. Just set aside the power steering pump and reservoir, remove alternator, and go ahead and remove the six bolts holding the oil filter housing. I cleaned the mating surfaces and installed new gasket. Hopefully this will solve my mysterious low oil every couple months. Next I went ahead and installed new A/C tensioner and pulley, idler pulley, deflector pulley, Stewart water pump, ECS aluminum overdrive waterpump pulley, ECS aluminum thermostat housing, lower rad hose, expansion tank, all drain plugs, engine plug washer, bleeder screw, fan temp sensor, ET level sensor, and both belts. Then flushed with distilled agua only and ran for about 20 minutes checking for leaks. All was fine. Drained and filled with BMW coolant and distilled agua. My back hurts...

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