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The front strut mount holes are slotted, allowing for about 0.5 degrees of adjustment if you knock out the alignment pins with a roll punch. (I used a nail set.) Then loosen the 3 strut mount nuts and slide the top of the strut. If you were at -0.8 degrees, maybe you can go between -0.5 and -1.1. Any more than that and you need camber plates. You may have to raise the car front (to unweight the wheels) to do this, and I found it easier to do if you remove the front wheels.

ECS Joe also sells UUC front camber plates that should let you get to at least -2.5 degrees of front camber. Vorshlag or Ground Control camber plates get to -3.5 degrees (or more) but cost more. I do buy stuff from ECS Tuning and UUC, but have never tired their camber adjustment products.

(Joe, how do you manage to be in every one of these threads? How many forums do you cover? Is there more than one of you? )

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Thanks for all the info!! how do you adjust the front tho? i thought you needed plates to do anything in the front?
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