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so I finally got mine fixed today. there's some good pics and instructions here that I followed (I didn't write it, pics below taken from the linked site):
mine turned out to be a combination of things. the sticking and resistance was just dirty tracks on the drivers side. there's a "driver" that was causing resistance even with the glass out:

i basically just sprayed WD40 in the tracks and it slid nice and smooth. the plastic on my clips was fine, but there was sticky, old grease on them.

i cleaned them up with WD40 and reinstalled them. same thing with the plastic on the right side sliders. they were sticky so i cleaned them up.

the last thing i messed with was the rain water channel. mine was bent pretty bad on the right side and the plastic tips looked much worse than this:

i put the new water channel from the kit in, sprayed some more lube in the tracks, put everything back together (testing along the way like the website recommends) and everything works great!

a couple things about the BMW kit. from what I understand, this kit is the only way to buy the water channel (which i needed). it comes with a redesigned "driver"

i didn't install it because it requires dropping the whole headliner from the car, drilling out 2 rivets from the white gutter thing that's above the left rear seat (hard to see pics):

after putting the new driver in, you'd have to reinstall the gutter with 2 rivets. the rivets are included in the kit, but i don't have a rivet gun and didn't feel like dropping the headliner to get to this. hopefully this helps some people. long story short, all my clips were fine. the tracks were just sticky with old lube.

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