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E46 Intermittent Issues

Hey guys long story short I might have got screwed on this, I'll spare the details and give the cliff notes. (Lets just say someone will never be driving my car again.)

04 330ci Convertible

12 deg F and they tried to lower the top. It did not go down all the way. They then "pushed" it the rest of the way down. (I do not know if they turned the key off and the hyd pressure was released or not.)

Anyways got my car back and here are my issues now.

1. When fully down the top will not move out of the storage compartment. It opens the lid but does not lift it out.
2. I can then pull it 3/4 of the way out after the pressure is bled off.
3. I can then put the key back into the car and it will finish the cycle and shut it all the way and lock it.
4. All 4 windows go down at the start and go back up after finished.

1. Windows drop down.
2. Top starts to go back.
3. The top back window raises up to verticle, then it all stops.
4. Turn the key off, pressure bleeds off, you can lift the cover and the rest of the convertible collapses into the storage compartment.
5. Put the key back in press the open button and the locks are engaged and its down and locked.
6. The windows then go back up.

I have checked the Hyd fluid with the top in the up and locked position and I have plenty.

All the fuses are good.

I unplugged the battery for 10 minutes thinking maybe a reset would help.

I am wondering if there is some reset/resync/ something I can do besides take it to the BMW dealer??

Thanks in advance guys!
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