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Finished Converting
HVAC panel: Has 29x mixed amber and green PLCC2 LEDs - Replaced 20x white PLCC2 LEDs
Light Control Module: Has 6x amber PLCC2 LEDs, 1x amber 3mm LED - Replaced 6x white PLCC2 LEDs, 1x white 3mm LED
Window switches with window lock button: Has 5x amber 3mm LEDs - Replaced 5x white 3mm LEDs

Still need to do:
Factory business CD player: Has 40x 0805 LEDs - Need 40x white 0805 LEDs
DSC/Harman Kardon/Hill-Assist
Door Lock/Hazard Button
Steering wheel controls
Overhead mood lights/sunroof button
Ashtray lights (these don't seem to be easy to replace...)
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