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Originally Posted by infinite012 View Post
Wanna see scary? Here's what you are faced with if you decide to change the factory radio LEDs:

Close up of the LEDs:

Lets get CLOSER:

Compared to the PLCC2 LEDs of the cluster/HVAC

congratulations i miss my 40 0805 LED's for my cd player i want so badly that one blue to.. but keep up the good work man !! By the way.. was your LCD soldered on the backside ? on those clips going trough the SMD card ?

and.. the ashtray lights is easy. when you get them out from the ashtray. Just simple drag out the whole led with resistors and stuff from the side you see the 2 connector pins... its hard to explain. but you will figure it out. you might have to use a bit of force to get them out. you can use a plier between the 2 connector pins on the little "smd" board and pull.. When you get them out. cut off the old ones and solder on some new
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