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Yeah, it was soldered. I used a desoldering braid to get the solder off of the two twist clip things and kind of forced it off the PCB. I need to order the LEDs for the CD player and steering wheel buttons.

The ashtray lights seem a bit impossible for me. idk, I'll try again later. Gonna start on the cluster tonight (hopefully). Kinda tired. The interior of the car looks like I was robbed.

I also noticed that on the LCM, the PLCC2 LEDs look a bit yellow compared to the 3mm of the fog light button and the PLCC2 on the HVAC controls. I think there is a filter of some sort on the LCM faceplate. Makes me sad.

EDIT: The "filter" on the LCM is actually the plastic. It has a yellowish tinge to it and is thick, so the LEDs don't shine as brightly through it while being slightly off color.

The cluster is done, though. I finished the LED swap in about an hour and a half (or however long Megamind is). For the LCDs, I doubled up on cut printer paper (fold paper in half, cut at the crease = double layer of paper) and replaced the white/orange gel with the paper. Hooray for autotragic because I had to do this twice.

Reminding myself to remember which way the LEDs point


Not so finished

Thanks for this thread and the other one in the DIY section for giving me motivation to tear apart the car!

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