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Originally Posted by mrshelley View Post
All you need to do is take the hose that comes out of the back of the expansion tank (#4), cut it down and plug it into the hose that goes to the back of the engine (#5) (it actually goes to the plastic pipe that runs to the front of the engine). Just use a splice that you can get at any auto parts store (I think it's 5/8").
That expansion tank does not exist... I am guessing it is for base e46... those parts aren't listed for M3 page on realoem where I linked that pic.

Yes I can run a hose to bypass the heater core, but I am wondering why not cut the circuit altogether. The main coolant route is within the engine block, that is just a path to the heater. If I plugged both ends I am just wondering: why not?

That said, it looks like there is no weight to save unless you get rid of AC too. The heater core itself is barely over 1lb. The only real reason to get rid of it is one less thing to maintain/break/leak, but if it causes me other problems then that is pointless too... there is a lot of CAN-bus BS that I want to make sure isn't going to be screwed up if keeping AC but deleting heater. Just bypassing the heater core and leaving the tubing extra valve/pump is not something I want to do.
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