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Yeah, I understand the reasoning behind the amber LEDs, but I'm just not a fan of it. If you cared to read through the rest of my explanation (rambling, really), I say that I do much of my driving during the day.

Also, I just ripped apart the auto gear select panel to find it uses PLCC2 LEDs! So I changed those to white as well. Muhahaha.

The hazard button uses an incandescent bulb (which gets filtered through the red of the hazard outline as well as pink (!!!) which I was hoping would show up as white, but it's pink), so when I changed that to a white 5mm LED, I had to wire a 470 Ohm resistor in-line with the negative terminal of the LED. This made putting the button back together a bit more difficult, as I had an extra chunk of resistor hanging off the back of the PCB. The door lock button uses a 5mm LED which I changed to a white one as well.

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