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Originally Posted by cd330 View Post
Not a lot of progress today. Unfortunately that broken bolt in the reinforcement bar caused some problems. I did test fit the bumper and then shaved the brackets. That's about it.

yeah same here bro, took me 4 hours to get the bolt out of the reo bar. But i finally did it, after about a dozen broken dremel attachments a couple bent drill bits and a few broken flat heads haha. I did some damage to my tools trying to get that sucker out. I ended up just drilling it out, and somehow managed to keep some threads on the end

I did get one side finished, the passenger side. And that happened about 30 minutes ago haha. Ill finish it up tommorow. Im definitly going to need to shorten the bumper shocks as the bumper is 1.25 inches short

Ill post some better pics

Heres one of my feeble attempts to get that bolt out. Made it a flat head and attached a bit to my socket, the bit ended up braking haha.

And here's to show you that on a sedan not only do u need to modify the brackets. You need to shave down the metal flat right in front as well. IT WILL GET IN THE WAY and cause a nasty gap

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