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Originally Posted by cd330 View Post
wow, that looks really good. When I mounted the brackets to the original screws and mounting points, my bumper sat out about an inch from the body. I will need to shave the screws off from the body and remount the brack closer in to the body. Then push the bumper shocks in. I heard an inch is good. I know you measured about an 1.25" short. Let me know how that works out.
Yeah I shaved the screws off too here's pics of my finished side bracket.

You can see here the flap that I had to shave down aswell

Remounted with self tapping screws

Backside shot of mounted bracket

And here's what I did with the bolts. I went to home depot and bought 2 zinc plated 3/8 x 4 inch bolts and 2 3/8 washers. Much easier To handle than the t50 bolts with a less chance of stripping.

As for the bumper shocks, can I hammer them in? Or will that set off my airbags? How could I go about doing It without welding them ?
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