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Originally Posted by cd330 View Post
So you didn't shave the brackets down? You just pushed them in as far up to the side body as possible and remounted them?

Good alternative to the bumper bolts.

Also, in re: to the bumper shocks... I've heard two things without having to reweld.

1.) Take the shock off and look down the back side of the tube. There is a plastic cover inside the tube. You could drill a hole in that to relieve the pressure, push the shock in, then put a screw in the hole and cover it up to prevent leaking.

2.) E30 bumper mod. Slowly back into a wall (using a 2x4 between the wall and the shock). It will slowly compress like a 5 mph collision, but should not set off the airbags.
Hmm I might do #1

But yeah I did shave down the bracket. You only need to shave the corner tho where the farthest hole is.

Heres what I did to the drivers side flap.

Reasoning for this has nothing to do with the bracket but for the bumper. Since the bumper is pulled in, the sliders on the bumper hit this flap and don't allow the bumper so sit right at the fender. By cutting this out it allows the bumper to travel as u can see here.

Here's what u have to cut on the brackets

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