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Originally Posted by josephmech View Post
too bad they dont have the best option in my opion would be 335dxi or all wheel drive diesel with manual tranny of course. Europeans have this choice but not usa. ...
No, no, there isn't anything like that here in Europe. If we are talking e46, 335 doesn't exist. 335 came with e9x.

And you can't have "d" AND "i" together, that would be petrol-diesel engine. You either have "i" (injection, petrol) or "d" (diesel).

"x" always comes BEFORE "i" or "d", so you can have for example 330xi (all-wheel drive petrol) or 330xd (all wheel drive diesel), there's no 330dx. (Kinda like Bimmer/Beamer/Beemer thing, it's not a big deal, everybody understands it, but again, everybody from BMW world goes all crazy if it's not written correctly...and just because of that, some consistency would be nice )

Diesel coupe would be 330cd. There are no all-wheel drive coupes or convertibles (obviously), but there are coupe diesels.

335dxi would be 3.0 litre twin-turbo petrol-diesel engine, all-wheel drive 3series, which doesn't exist, not only in Europe, but nowhere in the Universe (and probably never will...)

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