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Originally Posted by athayer187 View Post
Do you typically run your axles until they sling grease, or until they click or have play? I got ~110k out of my stock set. They slung grease at ~90k, I refilled them with Lucas red adn Tacky grease, and they were fine until the boots totally blew out and were dripping grease on my garage floor.
No, I've never repacked the boots. I replace them when there is noticeable play in the shafts- i grab with one arm and shake the crap out of them. By this point there's usually a noticeable vibration in the steering wheel, so you are really just trying to figure out which side to replace. For $75 each, they are cheap enough to replace every year. Cheaper than nice brake pads. I've been replacing control arms every year and a half too- not so cheap.

Originally Posted by kaboo0m View Post
do you also need an alignment after these have been reinstalleD?
Nope, just don't undo the top strut bolts or the tie-rods and you will be good to go.
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