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Originally Posted by cd330 View Post
The first method is bada$$, but so expensive. You are talking about cutting the front off your stock bumper and having it plasti-welded to the oem m3 bumper, then filler and repaint. So perfect but so much money. There is a company oversea's doing that and selling to the masses, unfortunately they will not ship to the US
Truth. Modifying the shocks still leaves that gap. I've had an OEM M3 rear for years now, sitting in the basement gathering dust. I can't even find a shop willing to TRY that whole corner-splicing thing. And that seems to be the only way to do it right, unless you want to go crazy and flare out your rear fenders and spend tons more.

EDIT: holy crap, I missed all the pics earlier in the thread. DOH! Nice work guys!

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