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$1900 is very extreme to be asking for a partial uncomplete kit. Lots of people are selling the same thing with more parts on eBay and the forums for under $900.

Blame the Dynavin popularity.

Since the DVN-E46 took off no one is really spending coin for the OEM set up when the $600 Dynavin installs in less time, with less stress and does 6 fold more than what the oem set up does.

I would say split it all up and try eBay at least you can get $500 for the Monitor - providing it has the CD slot and not the old school cassette slot, $500 for the MK4, and $500 for the BM53, the rear view camera set up and Map DVD may get you some mild coin in addition.

That is your best bet.

But no one here is spending $2 grand on a 6 year old partial/incomplete factory nav set up from a brand new member with only 2 posts and no merchant feedback. Especially after I got ripped off buying a similar kit last Sept.

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