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Originally Posted by Kubica View Post
I agree. However, a VERY good tech from Turner Motorsports that I know uses Castrol 5w-30 in all his customers' cars that he does on the side. I had it in my car for about 5k miles with no problems. He acknowledges it's not "BMW approved" oil, but emphatically claims it is 110% fine for 5k mile oil change intervals. It's a business, not a hobby for him though.

I had 15w-50 in my engine for a few months last summer to cut down on lifter-tick when it got very hot out. Again, no problems.
I agree that you can run whatever you want in there, it's not like the engine will blow up if you don't use the magic BMW oil or anything. Just stating what was the "approved" oil for this car. I've always run 0w40 in my cars all the way back to the veedub days, nothing but good things to say about it. Next time I will try castrol 0w30 though, I hear even better things about that oil...
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