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hey hey, sent you a PM sorry.. didn't see your emails coming through, we've been working on something pretty cool that will be up and live this weekend, it's literally been consuming our lives, but worth it so your questions get answered /before/ you ask them

1.) LED Angel Eyes (Premium) White or Amber
[ours are installed on a LOT of members cars here, great deal, great price, and quality as always.. i mean i don't know if ours can be beat on a desk with a hammer but how often are you going to be doing this when they're in your headlights? to me this is just a marketing hype tactic]

2.) E46 LED Turn Signal Bulb Amber or White (I already have the clear corners)
[you can get ours that light up amber, looks white in the housing but lights amber, brighter than most since we use the tower style led's, don't fall for the 'v3' or 'v4' other vendors do, pretty much all these led bulbs are the same now, these require a resistor to not have super fast blinkers']

3.) High Powered Sidemarker LED Bulb White or Amber
[either pay a few bucks from us or pay 10+ from the others, again you can get the white look ones that light up amber, no errors]

4.) LED Tail Lights Clear or Smoked
[everyone sells the same ones, eagle eyes is the brand that makes the best ones, ours are just better priced than the other two that've been talking here]

5.) E46 LED Reverse Light
[same deal as the turn signal led bulb]

you look at our license plate light too? either spend 5-6 times the amount and get a 'orions belt v5 ultra smd-led-xtc' version or get ours, if you need anything else reply to my PM.
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