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Hi Blue,

I bought them in 2001 and put them on my 323i. I lived abroad for a year, so they've really only had 1.5 years of use on them, for about 20,000 miles. I don't drive more than 12000 miles a year, so it's been pretty easy on them. Eibach will lower it by 1.5 inch. The sports package is 1 inch lower than your package, so you will be half an inch lower than the sports package with the same type 44 wheels. Make sure you want a stiffer ride though. Some people like it stiffer, some don't. Eibachs are pure sport, so will be stiffer than the sports package springs. You will feel more road, and have less roll when cornering, but you will also feel more bumps and more of the road. Ideally you can try a car that has eibachs. But if not, I recommend you go to a used BMW dealer and try a car with the sports package to see if you like the stiffer ride. Otherwise, they're in good working condition, and I'd like to sell them since they're just sitting in my garage.

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