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Originally Posted by whitexi View Post

32306754165 is the part number I put in and this is what ecs gave me.

I Know in realoem it shows number 2 in the part number listing but when I put that part number in ecs the double jointed one is what it gives me.

If i search on ecs with just the year and model of my car it gives me the one you bought and thats not the one in my car, I know this for a fact because I have had it out.

This is what I got when I searched useing my car and model.I got this one and its wrong.

ECS lists the one for regular RWD E46's as ones for our cars if you don't put in the BMW part number. Thats the problem.
I haven't had a chance to check it out--but I've heard the same thing from numerous members I'll return it if its wrong --which it probably is-- Thanks
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