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Op, yours is definitetly a GM5 module problem, because my car had exactly symtom last year. What it was is one of the repay on GM 5 module which operates the door unlock fuction overtime is weekening, causing its contactor not able to fully makeup when energized, resulting in less current pass through the contactor to activate the door unlock actuator and not able to unlock the door, that's why when pushing the unlock button you only hear a click as if it tries to unlock but then nothing happen.

What I did was ordered a pair of relay(control lock and unlock and some other functions) from Scottjob and repaired it myself, it works fine since then, but I have to warn you that unless you have a good soldering iron (500 watts minimum) and a solder extration tools plus good soldering skill, don't try to DIY, you could break the traces on the module pretty bad and may cause more issue, in worst case could end up $$$$$$$ for replacing the whole module and a trip to stealer to recode.
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